Throughout high school it was a toss-up -- Art? or Biology? Biology won out and I had a wonderful career as a biology professor at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, where I still reside. As a biologist, photography (still, movie and video) was a major research tool used by me for the analysis of animal behavior, my specialty. Most of the photographs featured in my research publications and presentations were taken by me as well as processed and printed by me in my home (wet) darkroom.
Upon retiring from NMSU I rekindled my preteen hobby of designing residential floor plans by completing a certificate in Architectural Technology. As the new home market has slowed down considerably in recent years I have been spending more and more time making art.
In the mid-2000s, I took a handful of Photoshop-related workshops from the Mesilla Digital Imaging Workshops with Paul Schranz, Sean Duggan and Dan Burkholder and, more recently, two workshops offered by Las Cruces printmaker, Ouida Touchón, on gelatin monoprinting (a.k.a. hectography). I took Ouida’s workshops with the idea of combining hectography with digital photography, a mixed-media combination that I have not seen anywhere else. The result is the unique one-of-a kind art I am currently creating, which I refer to as photoHectography.
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